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Most people can't tell you how many concerts they've been to or how many different bands they've seen.

Don't be like most people.

You like live music. Maybe you even love it. Maybe you're someone who always has to know when they're getting their next concert fix.

Or maybe you're a casual concert-goer. Maybe you only go to a few shows a year. You have a few bands that you really enjoy, and whenever they come to your city you always try to be there.

Whoever you may be or how frequently you attend shows, there's one thing that all fans of live music do exactly the same the day after the show:

They forget about it.

They spend their hard-earned cash on precious concert tickets, pay for overpriced beers at the venue and sing their heart's out when their favorite song comes on...

And then nothing. The concert is sent to the back of the consciousness to live with the other partially-remembered memories.

The time has come to stop forgetting. It's time to start reliving.

Ultimate Concert Manager is the system where your concerts live on. Every show, every band, every venue - it all gets stored in the system.

The beauty of tracking your concerts will become more and more apparent with time: You're on your way to a show, and because you use the Ultimate Concert Manager system, you now know that the last time you were at this venue was 6 years ago! The last time you saw the headlining act was was 9 years ago - on the other side of the planet! The opening act's name sounded familiar, but a quick search confirms that this will be your first time seeing them.

Let's talk data

Ultimate Concert Manager has a total of eight databases to keep track of every last concert detail:

  1. Shows
  2. Artists
  3. Venues
  4. Cities
  5. Countries
  6. Years
  7. Links
  8. Upcoming Shows

Additionally, Ultimate Concert Manager contains various different database views that allow you to move beyond the single concert and look at your entire concert history:

  • Latest Shows
  • Favorite Shows
  • On This Day
  • Newest Artists
  • Top Artists
  • Top Venues
  • Top Cities
  • Top Countries
  • Top Years

What happens when I start using the Ultimate Concert Manager system?

You can technically buy a new notebook and write down all your concert info there. It would technically be the same thing, right? Why use a concert management system?

Notebooks can absolutely store all this information. What they can't do is show you the cold, hard facts. Notebooks can't crunch the numbers. They can't shine any light on your concert-going habits or aggregate years worth of data.

You don't want to be the person that's flipping through 200 pages of concert history to find out if you've seen Britney live 11 or 12 times. And it doesn't help that your handwriting is horrific.

Once you start using the Ultimate Concert Management system, these are just of the few of the questions that you'll be able to answer in mere seconds:

"How many times have I seen that band?"

"3 times, that's right! Where did I see them though, which venues did I see them perform in? And in which years, I think the first time I saw them was in 2001, but I'm not entirely sure."

"I remember 2017 was a big concert year, I wonder how many shows I went to that year..."

"Have I been to more concerts in Kansas or Portugal?"

"What's that? Ultimate Concert Manager says I've never even been to Portugal? I could have sworn I went to Portugal in between Sophomore and Jr year..."

"Which band have I seen the most times, and how many times was it?"

"Right, 13. I saw Britney 13 times. Yet somehow I never saw her in Portugal..."

By the way, you'll be able to answer these questions for ALL of the bands you've seen. For EVERY venue you've ever been to. Every city, every country, every year, every everything. You'll be spitting concert facts like you're getting paid to do it.

What's in the box

A complete concert management system containing:

  • Eight interconnected databases for storing every concert detail you can possibly think of
  • Dedicated pages for each database to be viewed separately
  • A robust home dashboard containing many different ways to view your data
  • A quick capture system for fast data entry
  • Preconfigured default templates to help you with the data entry process
  • A dedicated page and database for saving future concerts that you're interested in
  • Links area to bookmark sites for concert tickets, music news, etc.
  • Much, much more...

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Ultimate Concert Manager system for?

Teachers. Doctors. Lawyers. Insurance Salesmen. Emergency Medical Technicians. Regional Managers. Assistant(s to the) Regional Managers. High School Graduates. High School Dropouts. High School Students. High School Teachers. High School Janitors. Janitors. Sanitation Engineers (I'm pretty sure that's just a fancy title for janitors, but in case I'm wrong - this system is for them too).

If you're alive and you have a pulse, chances are you like some type of music. This template is for you.

What is Notion?

Notion is a free-to-use single digital space where you can think, write and plan just about anything. You can capture thoughts, manage projects or even run an entire company — and do it exactly the way you want. The Ultimate Concert Manager is built inside Notion and is easy to use and set up, even without any prior knowledge or experience.

Can I share this with anyone else?

No. This product has a private license. Bulk purchases or enterprise, send an email to notioncentral22@gmail.com.

I can't afford it!

If you're from a low-income country, a student or otherwise in a financial rut, feel free to send me an email at notioncentral22@gmail.com.

Can I ask you a question?

Of course! Feel free to email me or send me a DM on Twitter. I'll respond as soon as I can.

Twitter / Email: notioncentral22@gmail.com

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